Vegan Travel Snacks

When traveling by plane or by lengthy bus ride for tours, it is always a good idea to bring some vegan snacks with you. There are some amazing vegan snacks which can be purchased either online or at your local health food store. These include nutrition bars, vegan chocolate, candy, vegan jerky, and other various snacks.

vegan snack bars

The following are some great vegan travel snacks for your trip:

Vegan Bars:
Pure BarsPure Bars
Bumble Bars Bumble Bars

Nugo BarsNugo Bars

Vegan BarsVegan Bars
Vega BarsVega Bars
Buccaneer Bars, Twilight Bars, Jokerz,and Mahalo Bars by Go Max Go Go Max Bars
Crispy Cat BarsCrispy Cat Bars
Pangea (Many brands) – Pangea Vegan Store

Vegan Cookies:
Enjoy LifeEnjoy Life Cookies
Liz LovelyLiz Lovely Cookies
Boston CookiesBoston Cookies

Vegan Gummy Bears:
Vegan Gummy Bears

Vegan Snacks:
Vegan Gift Shop


Glennys Soy Crisps(Most vegan): Soy Crisps

Tings Crunchy Corn Sticks –

Vegan Candy:
Natural Candy Store
Vegan Candy
Vegan Candy

Vegan Chocolate:
Betty LousBettty Lou’s Candy
Earth HopeEarth Hope
Pangea (sells several brands) –
Pangea Vegan Store Chocolates
Pangea Vegan Store Other Chocolates

Other Sweets:
Pangea (Many brands) –
Pangea Vegan Store Marshmallows and Other Treats
Pangea Vegan Store Other Sweets

Vegan Jerky:
Vegan Jerky Primal Strips

Vegetarian, Freeze-Dried, Camping Meals(some are Vegan):
Outdoor HerbivoreOutdoor Herbivore
Mary Janes FarmMary Janes Farm
Backpacker’s PantryBackpacker’s Pantry

Vegan Packaged Meals For Airport, Hotel, or Campsite(add hot water or microwave):
Annie Chuns(Some vegan) – Annie Chung’s
Thai Kitchen (Some vegan)- Thai Kitchen>
Tasty Bite(Most vegan) – Tasty Bite
Lundberg Lundberg
Gardein (vegan “faux meats” protein source) – Gardein

Vegan Soups:
Spice Hunter (Some vegan) – Spice Hunter
Fantastic World FoodsFantastic Foods
Health Valley (Some vegan) – Health Valley
Imagine Imagine Foods
Nile SpiceNile Spice
Dr. McDougall’s Right FoodsDr. McDougalls

Leahey Foods (vegan soups) – Leahey Foods

Staying at a lodge or long-term accomodations? Purchase “Amy’s Kitchen” brand at local coop or vegan markets, for tasty, international meals. Easily microwavable!
Amy’s Kitchen

You should also bring dried fruits, seeds, and nuts on your travels.
Packaged almond or vegan peanut butter is good for breads.

Purchase vegan snacks online:
Vegan Travel – Foods and Snacks

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