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My EBook “How To Travel The World As A Vegan” can be purchased at
It offers travel tips for vegans plus information on the dining scene in most visited countries.

Amazon version: How To Travel The World As A Vegan
Kindle version: How To Travel The World As A Vegan

Vegetarian and vegan travel guides have been written for several European countries and other parts of the world. Though most of the guide books are now out of print, they still contain useful information and may be purchased online through sites such as They list vegetarian and vegan restaurants where travelers can find vegan meals. I also want to share with you the names of books on general travel topics, as well as books for translating phrases into world languages.

Some of the following vegan guide books are out of print but may be purchased online.

Vegetarian and Vegan Travel Guides – Guides to vegetarian and vegan restaurants and accommodations:

Europe, France, Paris, London, Israel, USA, and Canada:

Spain and Italy:
Veggie Spain
Veggie Italy


To purchase a copy, please contact Media Plus Publishing at

Guides for vegan dining and accommodation worldwide:

Travel Advice Books:

Translation Guides:
Vegan Passport – Vegan phrases in 95% of worlds’ popular languages and Point It – pocket guide containing photos of food items

Online Travel Guides:

Vegan Mobile Apps:(Download them here: Vegan Mobile Apps)
VegOut from HappyCow – This application download from ITunes is for IPhone, Andriod, and palm devices. It helps you find vegetarian and vegan restaurants all over the world.

Veggie Passport – This guide helps travelers translate their dining needs in 33 languages. For IPhone.

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