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You can check the most popular web sites for vegetarian and vegan world travelers seeking to dine at veggie-friendly restaurants. These sites will inform you on where to find vegan meals, vegan travel food, and vegan travel snacks.

Veggie-friendly Restaurants (enter the country or city you are visiting):
Vegetarian Restaurants

These above resources provide information regarding any restaurants or markets in your destination country, including the states in The USA. The results page will display keywords and symbols for the user to see if the options are vegetarian only, vegan, vegan-friendly, or even ovo/lacto-vegetarian. The complete street address and city will display, in addition to phone numbers when available. Be careful, however. There are times when a restaurant may be closed but the website has not been informed yet. There are some chain restaurants such as Govinda’s which are popular in many countries. Govinda’s is always a safe bet for veggie-hungry travelers. They usually serve Indian cuisine. However, in certain countries such as Peru, they serve , only local indigenous cuisine. I highly recommend them as good quality meals. if you join VegDining ($15.95 or $11.95 if your local vegetarian society group is a member), you get discounts at vegetarian/vegan restaurants all over the USA and the world if they are part of the program. Lots of international restaurants join every week. You may also obtain a login on their website for a minimal cost per year. This entitles you to research global restaurants for information and reviews.

Vegan Dining on Trains
Travelers that journey by the inexpensive Euro Rail continental train or luxury trains such as the Asian Orient Express will be provided with dining facilities on board. The dining car restaurant will offer meal service. Special diet requests, such as vegan need to contact the train service anywhere from 24 hours to 72 hours in advance to request their meal preference.
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Vegan Dining On Cruise Ships
Several cruise lines either offer a vegan menu or have a few vegan options on their vegetarian menu. Still others suggest that travelers request to meet with the chef when they arrive on board the ship. It is required that vegans request their vegan menu in advance, upon booking their trip by phone. Certain luxury cruise lines have specialty restaurants on board which may have a couple of vegan entrees also.
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Vegan Meals In Large, Chain Hotels
Certain large-scale hotel chains have a restaurant or two in their location. The popular American hotel chains usually do not serve vegan entrees in their restaurants. Some larger, more luxurious, international restaurants have several restaurants on their site. These serve a variety of ethnic cuisines. In Cairo, Egypt for example, I stayed at a large hotel which had three or four international cuisine restaurants in its lobby. I chose to dine at the Indian restaurant, as they were sure to have some vegan entrees on their menu!
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Ordering Vegan Meals
You may be concerned how to order a meal or beverage at your destination if their native language is not English. One of the best solutions may be to enroll in an adult education language course in the primary language of your destination country. This is important to educate yourself regarding the names of vegetables, rice, grains, beans, desserts, pastas, and beverages so that you may order a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options each day of your visit. Another great option is to purchase “The Vegan Passport”. This is a guide book which contains various important phrases such as “I am vegan or a strict vegetarian” in approximately 95% of the world’s languages. There are also travel pocket guide’s such as “Point it” containing photos of very important travel vocabulary items such as transportation, accommodation options, and food items.

Vegan Top World Restaurants:
World’s Top 50 Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants: From 2007. However, it gives the traveler a good idea of dining choices. World’s Top 50 Vegan Restaurants

IVU website (International Vegetarian Union) – Vegan Phrases
IVU Vegan Phrases
HedWeb – Vegan Phrases
HedWeb Vegan Phrases
Yahoo BabelFish – Vegan Phrases
Yahoo Babelfish
Google Translate – Vegan Phrases
Google Translate

Vegan-friendly Food Trucks in USA:

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