Maria’s Advice – Vegan Mini-Mall in Portland,Or

Hello Vegan Travelers!
Some of you may be aware of this. Others may not be. There is actually a mall located in Portland, Oregon which sells only vegan items. For those who wish to travel there on vacation or for business, you may want to stop at this vegan paradise! It is a mini-mall for vegan businesses. It is located at the northeast corner of Southeast 12th Avenue and Stark Street. There are several vendors selling their vegan-friendly goods in their shops. The vegan businesses located in this mini mall include Herbivore Clothing Company, Sweet Pea Baking Company, Food Fight Grocery, and Scapegoat Tattoo. The like-minded business owners decided to get together to sell products that do not derive from animal sources.

Herbivore Clothing Company
This retail outlet sells t shirts, accessories, water bottle holders, belts, handbags, wallets and other items made of non-animal origin materials. They also sell vegan cookbooks, crafts books, and animal rights books.

Sweet Pea Bakery
In addition to typical bakery items such as vegan cakes, brownies, and cupcakes, they sell vegan sandwiches and soups.

Food Fight Grocery
Food Fight is a vegan grocery. It seems to be more like a convenience store than a full-fledged grocery store. They sell candy, salty goods such as chips, beverages, fake meats, and some produce. You can also find a selection of baked goods, faux cheese items, savory snacks, international snacks, healthy snacks, condiments, and vitamins.

Scapegoat Tattoo
This is a vegan tattoo shop. What that means is that the ink used in the tattoos does not derive from animal origins.

Check out this vegan mini mall on your next stop in Portland!

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