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A way to prepare for your travels is to bring your own vegan meals including a vegan sandwich such as tofurky(for eating at the airport), peanut butter, hummus, tabouleh, falafel rollup, vegan “beef jerky”, trail mix, energy bars, fruit, salty snacks, and mixed nuts for  the plane excursion and  lengthy bus tours upon arrival. You could even make homemade date walnut or chocolate chip trail mix bars to bring on the plane. In the event that you take a lengthy tour and the tour group dines at a restaurant with no vegan options, I advise you to bring oatmeal or dried “camping meals” with you. Just add hot water and voila!..You have a meal in which to partake when a restaurant disappoints you. Packaged dry soups, noodles, rice dishes, or pre-made Indian foods are also great to take along with you. Just add hot water and you have a hot, filling meal for the airport or tour.

Airports, Airlines, In-flight Meals Very few airports have vegan dining options, especially in The United States. India of course is an exception to that. Many airport cafes in the USA and abroad may have vegetarian options such as sandwiches with cheese, Mexican food, pasta, salads, etc. Vegans may need to resort to those airport kiosks where they sell salads, chips, fruits, and nuts if you did not bring the vegan meal options with you from home that I suggested earlier. Much to my surprise, I found Salt Lake City airport has a bar with a few vegan options such as vegan grain veggie burger & tofu scramble. We need more of these options, domestically and abroad! I’ve heard that this situation may be improving with airports such as Logan International in Boston adding more vegan options at a couple of there airport cafes. Airlines do not typically provide vegan snacks. You should bring your own snacks for flights and while waiting for flights. At best, some snacks provided onboard may be vegetarian such as cheese and crackers or mini-cookies. You should call the airlines and connecting flights to pre-order veggie-friendly meals. Some airlines, not all, provide vegan meals or vegetarian, “non-dairy” options. For vegans, I suggest the “Asian meal” which some airlines offer. This is usually decent-tasting meal of brown rice with mixed vegetables and fruit for dessert. I always enjoy it. There are rarely breakfast choices for vegans, so please stock up on vegan snacks to bring with you. Some airline(check my airline meal link below) do offer a vegan breakfast of bagels and fruit. Verify that they use non-dairy butter and no cream cheese. Also, the airlines that offer meals will do so during international flights. For domestic flights, it is best to dine at the airport or to bring something with you. Some airlines offer snack packs for purchase during longer, domestic flights. For example, United Airlines offers an organic snack pack, perfect for vegans which includes pretzels, hummus, olives, sesame sticks, and crackers.

Airline Meals by category(vegan,vegetarian,etc):
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Physician’s Committee For Responsible Medicine’s list of Best Airports for Veggie-Friendly Dining:
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Vegan-friendly Airlines:

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  1. I usually call ahead and request a vegan meal, and take lots of Green Plus bars with me (they’re so filling and vegan).

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