My Vegan Brunch and Final Day in Copenhagen

My final morning in beautiful Denmark had arrived. Two thoughts were on my mind when I awoke: 1. An amazing vegan breakfast and 2. the interesting sights along the way to the metro.

A few, additional vegan spots were unable to fit into my itinerary during my four day trip. Apparently there is a vegan bakery in Copenhagen that offers Danish pastries. It is called “Natural Bakery”(Frederiksborggade 29) near the Central Train Station. Though the website appeared to be down, the bakery itself may sill be open.

Copenhagen also is home to a few health food shops that sell soy ice cream, vegan cheese, and vegan chocolates. One such shop is “Natur and Sundhed Helsekost” (Norrebrogade 57, 2200 N, Norrebro ). During summer months, IsoBar(Havnegade 51 (at Nyhavn) offers vegan sorbet in their ice cream shop. “Eco Ego” (Eco Ego) is a green boutique that sells clothing and accessories.

My bags were packed and ready to check out of the hostel. As I started walking to the restaurant for breakfast/brunch, my eyes gazed upon the intricately carved war monument in the town square.



As I walked further towards the metro, the beautifully colored buildings made a lasting impression on me.

For breakfast/brunch, I decided upon Kalaset(Kalaset ). The locals refer to this restaurant as the BEST brunch in all of Copenhagen! My reason for dining there was the fact that they are known for offering a superb vegan breakfast!

My vegan breakfast plate consisted of homemade vegan “nutella” on toast with fruit jams, potatoes, hummus, olive tapenade, stewed tomatoes, falafel, fruit vegan yogurt with granola, and salad. It was absolutely delicious! I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant to any vegan travelers!

After breakfast, it was time for a quick jaunt to the metro subway for my ride back to the airport. Before my flight arrived, I had to find a vegan-friendly restaurant at the airport for my lunch. Fortunately, an Asian restaurant named “Yam Yam” offered a steamed veggie and tofu dish without any fish sauce. The meal came with rice and a plate of steamed veggies(greens, corn, onions, carrots, squash) and tofu. The hot meal was tasty, filling, and perfect for a winter day!

My Lufthansa airline flight offered a VGML vegan dinner meal. It was a flavorful potatoes and vegetable entree with crumbled tofu and tomato sauce. A wonderful vegan spread was the perfect condiment to the vegan bread roll. A small salad with vegan dressing and mixed fruit accompanied the main course.

Lufthansa offered a vegan breakfast item also. My meal was the VGML vegan breakfast sandwich, with a date bar as a snack. It was really good!

My vacation had now come to an end. I arrived back home in the USA with wonderful memories of Denmark’s palaces, castles, colorful waterfront architecture, H.C. Andersen fairytale landmarks, and yummy vegan meals!

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My Day Trip to Fredricksborg Castle with Vegan Dining in Copenhagen

On day three of my vacation, I awoke to a scrumptious vegan omelette for breakfast, purchased the evening before at Cafe N (Cafe N ). It came with a side of crusty bread and fresh grapes. It was light and fluffy and oh so tasty!

After enjoying my first meal of the day, I was in a rush for  an early train to the city of Hillerod! The main tourist attraction and reason for my planned visit was the magnificent Fredricksborg Castle! I was really impressed by its grandeur!  The Renaissance castle was built in the 17th century by the Danish King Christian IV. It is known as the “Versailles” of the North!


The first room we entered was the dining area. A recreation of a typical meal of the time period set the stage. Several shining armor suites(some were authentic) lined the perimeter.



The group took a brief detour to the chapel. What a gorgeously ornate area it is! The gold-trimmed walls, silver pulpits, and beautifully carved wooden organ and other pieces were a sight to behold!



Room by room, I walked through dining areas, sleeping chambers, parlors, and meeting halls. Each was more extravagant and elegant than the next. Even the decorative ceilings were designed with murals, paintings, and golden rims.



I also encountered rooms filled with portraits of royal family members and nobility of bygone eras.




Many furniture pieces and accessories stood out.  An ornate, white and gold clock piece elegantly graced one of the rooms.





I ventured down into the basement. The long and narrow passageways led to a wine cellar.



Upon exiting, I took a walk behind the castle to see how it is perched on an isle surrounded by a lake. Gardens encompass the rear of the castle also. What an amazing afternoon I had at this opulent castle!



The train ride heading back to Copenhagen would be about 40 minutes, so I brought along a vegan candy bar to munch. It satisfied my hunger, as a tasty snack!



My first stop back  in Copenhagen was Rosenborg Castle. It closes early at 2pm during winter, so it was basically a photo stop for me. This is where the Danish crown jewels are kept.




I was able to visit Amelienborg Palace further up the road, since it remained opened longer during the day. It was constructed by King Frederick V during the 18th century for the 300th anniversary of the coronation of King Christian I. The Royal Guards kept watch in front of each of the four palace facades on site. It is now the royal couples winter residence.




The first room encountered was the library with it’s decoratively carved wooden furniture.



A couple of glass window displays showcased actual furniture and belongings from the time period of the royal families that lived in the palaces during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.



I encountered many display cases that showcased gifts that the royal family members gave to their spouses and received from dignitaries for holidays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Royal ribbons and medals of honor displayed in many of the rooms.






When I exited the building, my eyes were struck my the beauty of the church across the square.



I walked by the picturesque Nyhavn harbor next with its colorful array of shops and restaurants. My stop was at address number#20. This is where Hans Christian Andersen lived for while , as an adult. A commemorative plaque hangs about the entrance door.



 Next to his home, a Hans Christian Andersen gift shop caught my eye! It was filled with H.C. souvenirs and other Nyhavn items. A lively mechanical H.C. Andersen statue turned from side to side, as he glanced upon one of his own fairy tale storybooks!



It was time for a late lunch at this point, so I headed over to a vegan, raw food restaurant called Simply Raw (Simply Raw ). I started off with a hot chocolate beverage. It was so delicious and perfect for a winter day!



My main meal was a typical Danish “Smorgasbord”: an open-faced sandwich of lentil burgers with sliced cucumbers and lettuce on a raw grain bread. It was delicious!



For dessert, I opted for their infamous cheesecake trio. Mini-slices of vegan cheesecakes in raspberry, chocolate, and citrus graced my dessert plate. They were absolutely divine! I highly recommend this restaurant for any visitors to Copenhagen! Your taste buds will thank you!




It was time to do some more shopping and sightseeing.  I went down to the Stroget pedestrian outdoor mall. It was fun hopping into several different shops to look at local souvenir goods.



Copenhagen has a famous “Round Tower” with an observatory deck that offers a glorious view of the city. The tower was built during the 17th century as an astronomical observatory. It is closed during the winter months. Nevertheless, I stopped by for a glance of the structure.




After my stroll about town, it was time for dinner! RizRaz (Riz Raz) is a popular restaurant that offers an buffet that goes late into the evening. They are very vegetarian and vegan-friendly!



For my dinner, I selected several buffet items including broccoli, yellow rice, pilaf with tomato sauces, lentils, falafel, and herb potatoes. Everything was amazing! This was comfort food!



Time had arrived to return back to my hostel. This was my last night in Denmark. I went to sleep with happy thoughts of my fulfilling day and yummy vegan meals!

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My Vegan Journey: From Hans Christian Andersen in Odense to Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

On day two of my four day long weekend in Denmark, I decided to take the train to the city of Odense. This city is the birth place of author Hans Christian Andersen. I did not have time to wait for any restaurants to open at 10am, so instead I munched on a tasty vegan cranberry oat bar for breakfast.


After my quick breakfast, I rushed to the train station to catch the train to Odense. Although it is the third largest city in Denmark, the old parts of town still remind one of days gone by with its picturesque streets and architecture.

The first item on my day’s agenda was a visit to the vegetarian(mainly vegan) bread bakery “Det Gode Brod” (Det Gode Brod Bread Bakery). The bread shop bakery offers both savory and sweet breads and a few pastries. There is only one vegetarian/vegan-friendly restaurant Kaernehuset (Kaernehuset) in town that is not open on Sundays.


I purchased a sweet bread of figs,dates, apricots, and spelt for my breakfast and a savory bread made of spinach, spelt, kamut, sprouts, and oats for my mid-day lunch. My other purchase was the fig, date, and apricot energy ball for a light snack. Everything tasted so freshly baked, nutritious, and delicious!

I walked through the quaint alleyways and narrow, cobblestone streets across the town center.

Finally, I made my way to my destination: The Hans Christian Andersen Museum and Birth Home. The fairy tale author is a favorite son of Denmark.

The H.C. Andersen Museum brings the tourist through the period of world history that took place during his lifetime. Inventions and political scenarios of that age are also part of the exhibit halls. Hans Christian Andersen’s belongings, such as his boots, dentures, awards, and original copies of his books are displayed.


The museum exhibits also tell of Hans life from childhood to famous author. Even personal belongings such as Andersen’s dentures, passport, and international travel purchases are part of the exhibit.


Upon exiting the museum building, one can enter Andersen’s birth home. The small rooms were decorated with simple furniture from the time period. He came from a poor family that did not own the home, but lived with relatives.

The quaint cobblestone street was lined with colorful, small homes from the 19th century.


Further in the town center, I found St. Canute’s Church where young H.C. was confirmed as a Christian.

The other Andersen home in town is the house where he spent his childhood from age two until his teens.

The family of H.C. Andersen lived in one small room of the house with a few families that shared the remaining rooms.

After spending the afternoon immersed in the history of one of the world’s finest fairy tale authors, it was time to head back to Copenhagen by train. Though evening and darkness had arrived, I just had to fit in some time to visit the infamous Little Mermaid statue. My walk took me quite a distance by the edge of the waterfront. The statue is on every tourist’s itinerary, as it is based on the title of an H.C. Andersen fairy tale story.

My walk back to the metro brought me through the gorgeous Nyhavn waterfront. Pretty colorful restaurants and shops dotted the harbor.

I took the subway to Cafe N(Cafe N) in another part of Copenhagen. The vegetarian/vegan-friendly restaurant offers a variety of sandwiches, desserts, and juices.

For my main entree, I selected the veggie burger made of grains and vegetables. It was absolutely fabulous!

My beverage was a raw juice of vegetables and fruit.

For dessert, I selected the vegan chocolate mousse topped with vanilla creme. It was superb! I highly recommend Cafe N to any vegan visitor in town!

The second day of my Denmark vacation had come to an end. My visit to the Hans Christian Andersen homes was truly memorable, as was my evening walk around town to visit the city landmarks! It was time to call it a night, with eager anticipation of the next day’s itinerary at Fredericksborg Castle in Hillerod!

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Palaces, Harbors, & Vegan Dining in Copenhagen, Denmark

My now yearly ritual of getting away during the winter has brought me to Denmark this January! Palaces, castles, fairy tales, and history were on my agenda for this four day weekend trip!

This was my first flight on Lufthansa Airlines. The “western vegetarian” meal is actually their vegan offering. My dinner on board was a vegetable dish of greens, a chopped zucchini, peppers, and onions in a tomato sauce with a side of rice and a potato salad with corn. The dessert was a fruit salad. The quality and taste of the food was satisfactory.

I brought several snacks from home to keep in my carry on and handbag. A chocolate Pure bar, as well as mints and vegan gum would keep my taste buds and tummy happy between meals.

For health precautions, I also brought along some probiotics and Zand vegan throat lozenges, in case of scratchy throats or colds in this winter climate. Vegan “Toothy Tabs” in place of toothpaste and some vegan dental floss rounded out the travel items in my handbag.


Fresh fruit salad and a wheat roll with jam was the airline’s breakfast option for me.

When I arrived in Copenhagen. I stumbled upon this magnificent old church in the square, on route to my hostel.

The gold-trimmed fountain with the surrounding lovely architecture was a pleasant sight to welcome me into the square where my hostel accommodations would be in Copenhagen.

As I walked down the cobblestoned paths to my accommodations, I was drawn to the vibrant colors of the buildings along the side streets.

Upon arrival at the hostel, I quickly checked in and dropped off my belongings and set out to do some sightseeing for the remainder of the day! My first stop was Copenhagen’s Christianborg Palace. This is a MUST DO on any tourist’s itinerary!

Statues representing various poses and expressions greeted the tour group in the palace lobby.

We began our ascent on the magnificent staircase to the upper level of palace rooms.

The tour guide showed us the set of chairs where the king and queen sit and welcome their dignitary guests.The queen’s chair is purposely taller.

Each elegant room was decorated in a different color scheme such as pinks or blues.

Many of the rooms contained gold-rimmed items or exquisite marble.

The Grand Hall room was commissioned with many tapestries as wall coverings. They each depicted a story from a time span during the past 1,000 years of the country’s royal history.

Even the library has a elegance and distinguished look about it.

After spending a couple of hours touring each of the glorious rooms and their treasured contents, it was time to move on to another sight. As I left, I glanced upon the back of the palace in awe of it’s enormousness.

The canals outside of the palace focused my attention again to the architecture and color scheme of the surrounding buildings.

The next stop on my itinerary was the Glyptotek Art Museum. This museum is known for being one of the finest collections of paintings and art in all of Denmark. I viewed the artwork of Danish artists and also had some time to see the French art and sculpture exhibits. The garden courtyard with its’ sculptures are a popular tourist attraction.


The Stroget is the first pedestrian shopping mall in Europe. This massive street consists of clothing stores, gift shops, restaurants, and music venues.

I just had to stop into the lego store on the Stroget to see the lifesize lego characters!

Along my walk, I stumbled upon a hot dog stand called DOP(intersection of Købmagergade on Stroget) which also serves vegan sausage with mashed roots(potatoes). This was my afternoon snack. It was quite delish!


A musician played some jazz pieces on his sax.

After touring, strolling, and shopping for a while, it was time for a late lunch. 42 Raw(42 Raw Restaurant) is an all vegan, raw food restaurant in Copenhagen.

They have a display case full of vegan treats such as various brownie flavors and energy balls.

I opted for the raw fig energy ball as my dessert.

My main meal selection was the raw Thai noodles with curry and mango. It was fabulous!

They even had some vegan muffins that would be great to bring back to hotels for a quick breakfast the following day.

My beverage was a raw fruit juice.

It was time to walk around the city center some more and visit a variety of shops on the Stroget. Popular souvenirs in Denmark include local amber jewelry, paper cut scenes, H.C. Andersen statues, and anything castle or palace related(eg. crown jewels magnets). Of course, I purchased all of these.

I headed next to the Radhus:Copenhagen’s City Hall.

A statue of Hans Christian Andersen is located to the right of the Radhus.

Also located further to the right is the famous Tivoli Gardens. During the summer, it is a very popular amusement park, while during December it hosts a Christmas Market. It is closed for the remainder of winter.

After my invigorating stroll, shopping, and sightseeing, dinner time had arrived.
Botaniq(Botaniq Restaurant) is a more upscale vegan restaurant in Copenhagen which serves raw food.

My main entree for dinner was the baked celery root with braised onions, apple compote, and lentils.This creative dish was quite tasty and flavorful.

For dessert, I chose the licorice cheesecake doused with beet root sauce and berries. It was fabulously amazing! The hot green tea was the perfect complement to my decadent sweet treat.

The first day of my winter vacation was now complete. It was a great introduction to the architecture, palaces, museums, and dining scene of Copenhagen. I went back to my hostel with eager anticipation of my next day’s journey to the birth place of Hans Christian Andersen in the town of Odense!

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Vegan Pampering To Prepare For Travels

Preparing for travels can be a taxing experience. You need to pack your luggage, purchase skincare products and toiletries, prepare or purchase travel snacks, charge your camera battery, and so forth. After preparations are completed, it is a great idea to pamper yourself with some vegan-friendly personal care treatments and travel products!


These days, a simple “google search” will locate some amazing vegan finds in your region! For example, I recently googled online for a vegan spa, vegan manicure, vegan pedicure, and vegan facial. I found a couple of local spas. The closest one to me is “Goh Spa”( Goh Spa ) in Woburn, Massachusetts. My holiday mani-pedi was a chocolate candy cane variety! The feet are first taken care of with a exfoliating scrub. Then they are washed in a cocoa foot bath and moisturized. Finally nail polish is applied to the toes. The hands are then moisturized and vegan nail polish is applied. Non-vegan nail polish typically consists of red dye#40 which is crushed beetles. I was super thrilled to find this vegan spa! The treatments were wonderful! During the pedicure, the esthetician served me a cup of vegan peppermint hot chocolate, dark chocolate bar with hazelnuts and berries, and quinoa cocoa cookies. They really know how to pamper you with tasty treats! A second visit was a must for me. This time, I received a facial with toxin-removing lymph drainage, containing all plant-based and essential oils products. It felt so soothing and nourishing! My skin looked radiant and healthy!




I also googled for vegan hair salon and found several within my vicinity. The salons use vegan shampoo and conditioner that are plant-based with no animal derivatives. For those who wish to color their hair with a different shade prior to travels, these salons also offer cruelty-free, vegan hair color without harsh chemicals.


Prior to my recent travels, I visited Tangerine Salon(Tangerine Hair Salon) in Chelmsford, Massachusetts for a hair color update. The shampoos and conditioners were quite gentle with a pleasant scent. It is nice to know that no dangerous chemicals were used on my hair. Customers may also purchase any of their wonderful hair care products including various shampoos and conditioners.

tangerinehairproducts DSCN6052


Depending on my weekly schedule and availability, I sometimes need to alternate between Tangerine Salon and another local venue “Bella Naturale Salon” in Tyngsboro, MA(Bella Naturale Salon). This salon also offers hair care products for sale to their clients.


Now that my hair, nails, and skin were ready for my upcoming travels, it was time to visit the all vegan cosmetic company that my online search results had produced! The All Natural Face(The All Natural Face) in Framingham, MA offers a wide range of skincare and cosmetic products. Many of these are travel-size! They sell items such as eyeshadow, liquid base makeup, lipstick, mascara, blusher, facial,cleanser, face moisturizer, deodorant, and other skincare/cosmetic products. My purchases included vegan perfume, eyeshadows, lipstick, face moisturizer, and facial exfoliating mask.


veganskincareshopallnaturalface         veganfacecleansernaturalface       veganeyeshadow   myveganskincarepurchase


At this point, I was well-coiffed, skin in tip top condition, and skincare/cosmetic purchases packed in my carry on and luggage! What better way to end the weekend of vegan pampering than to treat myself to a vegan brunch at the newest vegetarian/vegan restaurant in the area! The Green Leaf Restaurant(Green Leaf Restaurant) in Framingham, MA offers a nice variety of meal options, snacks, desserts, and raw juices. Since my spa visits helped me to prepare for upcoming travels, the best option for brunch would be an international, ethnic meal. My upcoming vacation is at a European destination, so my brunch choice would obviously be a European meal favorite. I dined on a Mediterranean vegan omelette, with a side of home fries. Dessert was a vegan French Creme Brulee. My beverage was a raw juice containing greens, and fruit. The meal was scrumptious!


veganomelettegreenleaf   vegancremebrulee     greenjuice



My vegan pampering weekend had come to an end. The trip preparations and pampering had prepared me to be ready for my upcoming travels!

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