Vegan Travel : Nantucket Daffodil Festival With Vegan Meals

I never need an excuse to visit Nantucket. It is my favorite destination in the entire USA! However, I had never attended a particular annual Nantucket event. The Daffodil Festival is held every April on the island of Nantucket, off the coast of southern Massachusetts. “Everything that is daffodil” can be observed during this weekend festival! This year, I decided to visit the island to experience this time honored ritual.

The fast ferry from Hyannis brought me to the island in about one hours time. As we pulled into the harbor, the first sight that caught my eye, was the daffodil wreath hung against the lighthouse as it greeted us visitors.

Upon arrival, one soon notices the daffodil atmosphere and preparations for the festival. Even the bicycle rental shop had daffodil displays showing proudly within its windows.

Wandering further up the side streets, I caught a glimpse of the daffodil-decorated classic autos awaiting their turn to be staged on Main Street prior to the car parade.

Many shops displayed stunning daffodils in their window sills or in the soil in front of them.

The classic autos lined up one by one in front of the judges on Main Street. They announced the make and year of the autos as they drove up in front of the podium. The cars then drove at a slow pace while the crowd would “ohh” and “ahh” at the stylish vehicle and its fancy or whimsical daffodil decorations.

After watching the auto staging for a while, it was time for a hearty breakfast. I headed over to Arno’s ( Arno’s Restaurant). My morning meal was a tofu scramble with broccoli, spinach, peppers, and mushrooms. It was accompanied by homefries and toast. I opted for an orange juice as my kickstarter morning beverage. Everything was delicious.

Over at Children’s Beach, the next activity was about to begin. A crowd was gathering for the children’s parade. Daffodil-decorated children rode their daffodil-decorated bicycles, scooters, wagons, and mini-autos. “Adorable” would be an accurate word to describe this procession!


Following the Children’s parade was the Daffodil Hat contest. Kids and adults competed with unique and creative hats decorated with daffodils.


I strolled back to Main Street for the auto staging again. More daffodil-decorated shops came into view. The colorful yellow flower arrangements were simply breath-taking! One shop’s windowsills displayed toy lambs among the daffodils.

All of the participating autos were now staged on Main Street. The crowd could visit each car and take a look at it upclose. Bright colorful autos, dune buggies, and vans were among those displaying their finest daffodil decor. Front hoods, back hoods, car seats were all decorated to the nines!



One auto conveyed an ocean theme with its inflatable plastic whale on its rooftop.

Yet another one bore dancing daffodils on its roof! The auto parade had begun!

As each car drove around the corner of Main onto Centre Street, it paused so that the crowds could appreciate its beauty and uniqueness.

For lunch, I dined at Boarding House Restaurant (Boarding House Restaurant). They are vegan-friendly. My meal was a vegetable risotto topped with greens. This was really tasty!

A shuttle bus took me to another part of the island for the Garden Club’s Daffodil Show and contest. Daffodils in shades of white, pale yellow, and deep yellow were among the contestants.


Local schools had created daffodil displays based on certain given themes such as “A Day At The Beach”.

As the bus drove us back to town, I glanced through the window at the gorgeous display of daffodils in the nearby fields.

I strolled around Main Street for a while, admiring the daffodil displays in the shop windows, the park, and the homes.



Evening had arrived, so I headed to “Sushi By Yoshi”(Sushi By Yoshi Restaurant) for dinner. I selected the vegan maki combo of avocado, cucumber, and asparagus. My meal was filling and satisfying.

Time had arrived to board the ferry going back to Hyannis. Prior to doing so, I stopped by one of my favorite spots on the island to view the tranquil sea from Easy Street.

I really enjoyed my trip to Nantucket! The daffodil Festival is well worth the visit. The enticing displays of the colorful yellow flower; showcased in shop windows, on classic autos, on hats, and on children’s bicycles made for a spectacular day! My vegan meals pleased me as well. All in all, I had an amazing time at the Nantucket Daffodil Festival!

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Newark Cherry Blossom Festival and Vegan Meals

Every April, thousands of cherry blossom trees bloom across eastern United States. A little known fact is that the state of New Jersey can boast of having the greatest number of cherry blossom trees in the entire country! Newark, New Jersey is home to Branch Brook Park where the vast majority of these trees reside. A thousand cherry blossom trees are being planted this year, bringing the grand total to 5,000! These blossoming trees have always piqued my curiosity, so this year I decided to pay a visit.

My journey began from the bus station in Boston, Massachusetts; arriving four and a half hours later in Newark, New Jersey. This was to be a whirlwind, one day trip; but well worth it!

Metro Cafe(Metro Cafe), across the street from Penn Station; appears to be a local hotspot for breakfast meals. The owner told me that he makes a good deal of the food purchases at Whole Foods. The bagels he serves are ordered from Simply Bagels, right there in Newark. After speaking with them by phone, he assured me that they were vegan. For those who eat lunch at Metro Cafe, vegan options can be found such as quinoa. I decided upon a raisin bagel, toasted and filled with locally made strawberry preserves. My beverage was the “Morning Lovers” freshly made juice. The ingredients were strawberries, carrots, and apple. Both my breakfast meal and my raw juice were delicious! They also offer smoothies with soy or almond milk.


It appears from my research, that many restaurants in Newark are closed on Sundays. The city does not have any vegetarian or vegan restaurants. However, the Visitor’s Bureau website lists “healthy dining” options in the city. I was able to find good vegan-friendly restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while in town for the day.

My arrival time in Newark was approximately 7am, which gave me several hours prior to the start of the Newark Cherry Blossom Festival. So after breakfast, I chose to go on a sightseeing walk downtown. The Market Street area is where I strolled by the majestic city Hall and federal buildings, as well as a shopping district. Several old church from the 17th and 18th century came into view on my path.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Newark is known as Miitary Park. This downtown park displays statues to honor its local heroes from the American Revolution, Civil War, and World Wars. A massive bronze sculpture honoring those who did not survive the wars, resides at the far end of the park, surrounded by colorful flowers. The outdoor space is also a community gathering spot for movies, concerts, and reading.

A 17th century church beyond the park, was the spot where George Washington paused to on his way to battle in Trenton during the Revolutionary War.

After my downtown sightseeing walk, I headed to Commerce Downtown Kitchen restaurant for lunch. CDK ( CDK Restaurant) offers a Sunday brunch buffet. The restaurant is vegan-friendy. For my lunchtime meal, I dined on a buffet selection of salads(savory and one with fruit); sauteed mushrooms, onions, and peppers; roasted peppers and stewed tomatoes with a garlic and ginger topping, black eyed peas, and collard greens cooked in vegetable oil. The vegan meal was absolutely delicious! During the week, they offer additional vegan buffet items such as quinoa.



Now it was time to head on over to the Cherry Blossom Festival! Branch Brook Park was a quick nine stops away by light rail. The street lamps and the stone archway gate greeted visitors with signs that proclaim “Cherry Blossom Festival”.


Along the main road, as far as the eye can see; rows of cherry blossom trees display in tones of white, light pink, medium pink, and dark pink.






Some trees stand singularly, while showcasing the uniqueness of their form and hue.

Yet other trees seem to join together, as if in an embrace.

Certain trees form what appears to be an archway, that provides a romantic atmosphere for those enjoying their stroll among the scenic pathway.

A field of white colored trees stand tall; while surrounding a mini light pink blossomed one.

An upclose view of some medium pink blossoms exhibits the beauty of the delicate flower and its developing buds.

I headed across the street to the Cherry Blossom Center. This was where the day’s Bloomfest activities was taking place. The signage indicated that the cherry blossoms are at peak!


All things “Cherry Blossom” could be found at the vendor craft tables! One artisan had created cherry blossom wreaths to wear around your head.

I gazed at the elegant cherry blossom branch nearby.

Not too far in the distance, was an enormous white blossom tree. The sheer immensity of its branches was quite impressive!

Across the road from the Welcome Center, I took in the view of the cherry blossom lined street with its striking palette of white, light pink, and dark pink hues.
DSCN8792 />

A humongous white cherry blossom tree caught my eye. Its umbrella shaped dome provided majestic beauty, as well as shade for its visitors.

I appreciated the splendor and sheer attractiveness of each and every tree for its form, size, and color palette; as I wandered around the main area of the park.




I studied the intricate petals of a light color cherry blossom, as a branch hung closely above head, uncovering its form.

Many food and beverage vendors were found throughout the park during the day. I quenched my thirst in a freshly squeezed lemonade with ice.

The next group of entertainers to hit the stage were the Japanese taiko drummers. They thrilled the crowd with a lively performance, as they banged those drums with high energy while jumping up and down on occasion.

A large white weeping cherry blossom tree with its hanging branches graced my path after the music performance.

The festival’s visitors were taking full advantage of the lovely sunny weather by spreading picnic blankets around the park , as they ate their snacks and appreciated the scenic view of the cherry blossoms.

When I arrived at the cultural events tent, an artist was commencing to paint a cherry blossom tree on canvas. The audience sat captivated by the elegance of the brushstrokes and the aesthetic vision of the resulting image.

The gorgeous blooms were clearly visible as I exited the tent.

Next onstage were the musicians playing traditional Japanese instruments, including the stringed koto. They played with such passion and energy. Such wonderful pieces that they performed!



A dancer wearing a traditional orange kimono, performed cultural dance.

It was time for me to take a walk down to another region of this expansive park. As I strolled throughout this section of Branch Brook, I again took noticed and appreciated the various shades of the blooms and the various sizes and shapes of the trees.





More weeping cherry blossom trees with their branches hung low greeted me along the way.

Others appeared a bit more upright.

My eyes beheld such glorious sights with every step along the bloom filled pathway!


A light pink blossomed path of trees met me as I waked back towards the Welcome Center for the final cultural performance of the afternoon. A troupe of entertainers amused the audience with feats of swordsmanship and javelin moves onstage.



My incredible day at the Cherry Blossom Festival had come to an end. It was time for me to think about dinner before taking the evening bus back home to Massachusetts. As I walked along the road lined with cherry blossom trees for the very last time, I admired each and every configuration and hue of tree and blossom that met my eyes.



Chickpea Cafe (Chickpea Cafe ) at Penn Station bus depot was the perfect spot for me to grab a quick dinner. The vegan-friendly restaurant offers sandwiches, salads and bowls. I opted for the bowl of quinoa with kale, peppers, corn, mushrooms, and chickpeas. This was a great evening meal.
vegan dinner meal

The bus back to Boston had arrived shortly thereafter. My day trip to the Newark Cherry Blossom Festival’s Bloomfest was an amazing experience! I cherish the time spent admiring the incredibly gorgeous blooms on that lovely day, filled with fascinating culture and the aesthetic beauty of the cherry blossom trees!

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Cute&Fuzzy Animals Around The World Part#1-Penguins

We all love animals. This especially holds true for us vegans. So it comes as no surprise when we are captivated by the sight of the local wildlife wherever we may travel across this vast world of ours.

I hold such fond memories of my vacation to Capetown, South Africa a few years ago. One of the indigenous animals that captured my heart, was the penguins! There are few places in the world that penguins may call “home”. The southern region of South Africa is indeed one of them. My itinerary included a must-see visit to Boulder’s Beach where the penguin colony is found.

From a platform above the beach area, I first encountered the penguins gathered on the sandy shore. There appeared to be at least one hundred of these precious creatures.

As I glanced to my left, I noticed a great number of penguins perched upon rocks and boulders of varying sizes.

One observes various behavior patterns emerging when watching them over time. Several penguins seemed to wander off independently on their own to explore the landscape. One commenced walking about the twigs, seaweed, and barnacles that had washed ashore.

Eventually, he dug a small hole between a couple of the branches. Just having some solo fun, while playing around to pass the time of day, I suppose.

I even observed that some penguins had broken off into pairs…coupling up as companions as they strolled the sandy beach closely together. How adorable is THAT!

Meanwhile back at the rocky cove, a delegation of the tuxedoed gents had wandered onto the beach. Perhaps, they wanted to experience the cool beach waters or feel the luxurious soft sand stroking their feet. One little guy looked to be doing a belly flop.

Towards the shoreline, quite a few penguins were congregating. This was a happening place! A few were gathered together in a small group. Others appeared to standing face to face in pairs, as if they were conversing with one another. One or two were standing solo observing their furry friends and the beautiful landscape.


Moments later, I experienced what was to be the two most heartwarming memories of that day. As I glanced back down towards the sandy beach, I noticed that every one of the penguins had tilted their head to a diagonal slant with their beak wide open. In other words, it gave the impression that they were either singing or somehow communicating with each other! Honk! Honk!, could be heard emanating from their mouths! Picture-perfect sight to behold!

My afternoon tour was winding down, yet one additional surprise was to cross my path. I glanced down upon the edge of the beach from the sidewalk and it was then that I observed a penguin that had just given birth! A fuzzy little baby was leaning against her warm and furry belly. What a precious end to my day at the penguin colony!

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My 10 Tips For New Vegan Travelers

Many would-be travelers tell me that they hesitate visiting particular locations, in fear of not finding enough suitable meal options for a vegan. My response is always emphatically “Don’t worry! I have found INCREDIBLE vegan dining in countries where you would not expect it”! Honestly, there is no good reason these days to avoid any destination because of the dining scene you expect to find there.

I have compiled a list of ten tips to consider, in planning your next overseas holiday. These tips, based on my travel experiences, illustrate just how “first time” vegan travel is easier than you may think.

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Travel Because Of Diet Restrictions – In many regions of the world, all kinds of vegan food options are available. Tourist-centric cities and towns across the globe have vegetarian or vegan restaurants that offer standard international fare, such as veggie burgers, salads, vegan pizza, and so forth. Many vegetarian restaurants also offer vegan entrees. Even non-veg restaurants may offer a couple of vegan-suitable menu items. At the very least, many restaurants are willing to create and prepare a vegan-suitable entree upon request. That holds true internationally, as well. One vacation that comes to mind was in the Guadalajara, Mexico region. I was eager to dine one evening at a restaurant that was very popular among tourists due its fanfare, colorful decorations, and local ambiance. The chef prepared a vegan meal for me, due to my request upon arrival. No problem whatsoever.

You can typically find basic staples such as rice and veggies dishes at restaurants in most countries. I dined on this huge plate of brown rice and flavorful veggies in Norway.

Countries that you wouldn’t expect to have vegan food(eg. Iceland, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa) did indeed offer plenty of great vegan dining. Yes, even the barbecue capitals of the world: Rio, Brazil and the Patagonia region of Argentina, can proudly boast of some delicious vegan fare. Iceland and South Africa really impressed me with their variety and bounty of vegan-friendly restaurants. I found some wonderful vegan meals in each of these countries.
This pumpkin tofu cake with potatoes was one of my many delightful meals in Iceland!

2. Savor The Vegan Version Of Local Cuisine – Wherever I travel across the globe, I research in advance for any authentic local cuisine that may be offered in a vegan-friendly restaurant. In Peru, cerviche and lomo saltado are quite popular dishes. I was able to find the veganized version at a restaurant in Cusco. Brazil’s national dish is feijoada. Again, I was able to find a restaurant that served a vegan version. A vegan bakery in Copenhagen, Denmark offers the traditional Danish pastries. This local ethnic cuisine is what I crave most during my world travels.

My vegan tapas in Spain were awesome!

The vegetable tagines on which I feasted in Morocco were delicious!

Why one can even find authentic local desserts abroad , as well! My sfenj donut in Marrakech was simply yummy!

3. Seek Out Vegan Markets – Whether your travels take you across the USA or Europe or any other continent, you can find vegan markets are becoming all the rage. During my visit to Istanbul last summer, I spent some time in an all-vegan market that offers snacks, faux meats, vegan cheeses, and even skincare products. Germany is home to the all-vegan supermarket “Veganz”. Whether its vegan chocolate, vegan cheeses, mock meats, or vegan ice cream, this market has got everything a vegan may need while abroad. Customers can visit these markets to find vegan travel snacks for their lengthy bus tours. Sometimes a day tour is quite lengthy and by the time you are dropped off at your hotel, all of the vegan-friendly restaurants in town have closed for the evening. Stocking up in advance with food from a vegan market will solve this dilemma. For example, Vegan Dukkan is a well-stocked vegan market shop that I visited in Istanbul last summer.


4. Try The Local Fruits, Juices, and Teas – One of my favorite food experiences during my travels, is finding fruit that is indigenous to a particular country or region. Many countries do not export all of their fruit varieties. South America and the Caribbean are prime examples of this. I enjoy indulging in the sumptuous exotic fruit found around the world! South Africa offers the aloe ferox plant juice at various dining establishments. I consumed it as part of my breakfast meal. Unique teas can be found anywhere we travel in the world. Argentina has its mate tea. South Africa is know for its rooibos. Egypt offers hibiscus tea. Moroccans appreciate their mint tea. All are vegan.
Fresh local oranges in Morocco:
1236251_10151935793381810_31960492_n (1)

Coconut juice in Trinidad & Tobago:

Mint tea in Morocco:

Aloe Ferox juice in South Africa:

5. Fall Back To Old Standbys For International Cuisine – As we all know, certain cuisines are popular no matter where you travel. Mexican, Italian, Indian, and Thai food have all earned global recognition for their tastiness. Restaurants offering these cuisines can be found in virtually any touristy region in the world. Fortunately, these cuisines have much to offer the vegan traveler. If you are vacationing in a city or country that does not offer much in terms of vegan food, a meal at an Indian restaurant is always a good option.
New Zealand is home to many wonderful Indian restaurants:

I ate dinner at a fantastic Ethiopian restaurant in Norway:

6. Stay At Hostels or Vegan Bed and Breakfasts – My accommodations of choice are typically hostels. Not only are they inexpensive, but travelers are not tied to a meal plan. Organized group tours usually include set meals at set restaurants, as well as hotel dining. None of it is guaranteed to be vegan (although my tour guides have requested in advance for restaurants to prepare something vegan for me). The cost to us is less if we are not required to dine at a particular restaurant, as with a hotel or an organized tour. Hostels offer their shared kitchen for guests to prepare their own meals. You can cook up those vegan food products that you may have purchased at a vegan market!

Vegan bed and breakfast inns exist around the world. Domestically and internationally, the vegan traveler can find an oasis of eco-friendly atmosphere and vegan dining.

I recently relished a stay at a vegan bed and breakfast in the Catskills of New York. They prepared a delicious breakfast of homemade vegan pancakes with soy yogurt and fruit:


7. Visit A Vegan Shop – Everywhere that I travel across the globe, I am finding more and more vegan shops. Some are dedicated to carrying vegan shoes and vegan handbags, wallets, and other accessories. Some shops and markets sell various vegan skincare products. Its always a treat to pick up a vegan purse or try a new vegan skincare product that you find during your travels.

8. Appreciate the local wildlife – Vegans truly appreciate all sentient beings. For those who are venturing out of their comfort zone to embark on exotic travels for the first time, nothing feels more exciting than visiting an animal sanctuary or seeing wildlife frolicking about in their natural habitat. Precious penguins at Boulder’s Beach, South Africa and adorable baboons in the Moroccan forests will leave a lasting impression on a vegan tourist’s heart!


9. Check Airline Meal Plans Online In Advance – Many airlines these days offer meal options for vegans. However, each airline uses its own terminology, not all of which is standard in the industry. VGML, Western Vegetarian, Vegetarian non-dairy are just a few of terms used by some of airlines. Travelers can request vegan-friendly meals online or call their airline in advance. Beware of condiments, breads, and desserts. They are typically not vegan. A few airlines, however, do indeed serve vegan buttery spread, vegan salad dressing, and snacks.

Air France offered this fabulous vegan meal during one of my overseas flights. Even the buttery spread was labeled as “vegan”! Very impressive that they go all out to cater to vegans.

10. Bring Some Vegan Packaged Meals And Snacks Just In Case – While many major tourist towns offer alot for vegan fare, one can not expect as much in remote or rural destinations. It is wise to pack several vegan foods in your luggage. A Well-prepared traveler always has options. Vegan snacks, dried pre-cooked oatmeal cups, and packaged meals that just need hot water are essentials to bring with you from home, in case of dining emergencies abroad. Freeze-dried camping meals come in a variety of tasty options and several brands offer vegan options. I have frequently made good use of my compact bowl and spork on a flight, in remote and rural destinations, or at my destination during the rare times when I couldn’t find suitable dining. In some locations, vegan restaurants close early in the evening which leaves you seeking a decent meal upon returning from a lengthy bus tour. Packing a few vegan staples is the essential!
Oatmeal for the flight:

vegan travel snacks for munching during day trips:

Packaged meals(or freeze-dried camping meals), in case you find yourself at any remotely rural location without any vegan dining:

Bonus Tip!: More frequently than not, vegan-friendly restaurants are located far from the city center. It is wise to familiarize yourself with the modes of transportation at your destination. Bring a printout of vegan-friendly restaurants and shops from or Ask the front desk at your accommodations for the best mode of transportation and route to get there. They are usually very helpful and will indeed take the time to give you detailed information and draw the route on the local map.

My experiences have shown me that these ten tips can most definitely make any vacation “worry-free” in terms of vegan dining. When you put these tips into practice, I am confident that your holidays as a first time vegan traveler will be hassle-free as well!

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Livin’ It Up Vegan-Style at the “Women In Travel Summit”

Travel enthusiasts. Travel bloggers. Travel entrepreneurs. I spent the past weekend with a lovely group of ladies who shared one particular trait: their passion for all things travel-related! The event that gathered us together was the “Women in Travel Summit” held in historic Boston, Massachusetts. Three hundred women from across the USA and the world eagerly awaited the weekend’s festivities, workshops, and networking with like minds.

As a vegan, I was to be especially thrilled throughout the weekend to discover vegan-friendly travel items, a vegan lunch upon request, and even eco-friendly volunteer vacations offered by a participating exhibitor at the conference!

Three ‘tracks’ of workshops were offered to us: 1. travel blogger, 2. entrepreneur, and 3. traveler.

Our weekend began with a keynote speaker who started the Saturday morning program with a talk about how she went from being “at her lowest point” in life both financially and emotionally, to eventually become a very successful entrepreneur and world traveler.

Dina Yuen is a respected author and businesswoman who takes many endeavors upon herself and accomplishes everything she sets her mind to do. Her triumphant mindset is firmly planted in the motto “Travel is Thy Medicine”. She told of her initial struggles and how she went from losing it all to being at the top of her game in every business venture she creates. When she lost everything, she began to travel internationally and found herself helping more unfortunate souls. This meaningful life lesson fueled her desire to help others and that in turn helped her to heal. My takeaway from her talk was that we should not give up, but that we are able to accomplish anything and everything we set our minds to.

The first workshop I attended was in the blogger track. Kristin Winet held a creative writing workshop for travel bloggers where we shared useful tips with each other for more effective writing styles. I gained some insight as to what makes a story more captivating to its readers.

Presenter number two was Catrice Jackson. She is known as the “Boss Lady of Branding”. Her goal is to help women discover their “soul brand”. Ms. Jackson stressed the importance of knowing your “soul scent”, that is what your convictions are and what you wish to convey to your audience with your brand. She inspired and motivated us! Unapologetic confidence is what she encourages us to exude to our clients and readers. This workshop was part of the entrepreneur track.

Break time gave us the opportunity to visit the various exhibitor tables in the hall. Lo and behold, I noticed a vendor with quite an interesting product. Squeezepod(Squeezepod) develops travel-size toiletries. What is unique about these products is that the ‘pod’ contains enough for one application. The small package only needs to be snapped off at the tip, then the product easily pours into your hand. No spill or mess. Perfect for flights, bus tours, or hotels. The product line includes moisturizer lotion, hair gel, shaving cream, and more.

Attendees were given a compact zipped pouch with multiple samples of each toiletry item. Then I read the label on the pouch. Could it be?! Yes indeed! The label said “Vegan’! I was ecstatic to find this vegan ‘treasure’ for my upcoming travels!

After perusing a few of the exhibitor tables, the lunch hour had arrived. As a well-traveled vegan, I knew to inquire about any vegan-friendly meal offerings asap. The dining staff manager told me that he will request his chef to prepare a vegan entree for me. As vegans, all we need to do is ASK, and meal options can most likely be offered to us almost anywhere we go.

In the meantime, the salad being served to attendees was perfectly vegan-friendly. The presentation was pretty, as the salad greens were rolled up into a dinner napkin shape. The greens and tomatoes were fresh and tasty. The dressing was a nice vinaigrette.

A wonderful platter of melons and berries also accompanied my plate.

The vegan entree prepared for me was a plate of steamed veggies(okra, carrots, and squash), rice, and small potatoes with tomato. I was so happy to feast upon this delicious vegan meal!

Much to my joyous surprise, even the chocolate layered cake topped with berries, was vegan!

The first afternoon workshop I attended was a talk on search engine optimization, led by SEO guru Brooke Roberts. I am excited to put into practice all the important strategies that I learned at this extremely educational and informative lecture.

The final workshop of the day was on the topic of press trips. A panel of a well-established travel writers told of their experiences and adventures while on press trips sponsored by various tourism boards and visitor bureaus.

Day two of the travel summit opened with a keynote talk by the founder of the event, Beth Santos of Go Girls Travel Network. She encouraged women to travel and to write and to join travel organizations(such as Go Girls) to network with each other.

Beth also made an announcement to launch “Sheswanderful”, the new name of the former “Go Girls”. Great travel-related item perks are given to those who join the yearly membership.

A representative from “Unearth The World” took the stage. Kathryn Pisco the founder shared with the audience, her company mission to match travelers with unique volunteer opportunities in various countries. Her mission was to create a company where clients would not need to pay any high fees just to participate in a volunteer project. The cost of her volunteer vacations is minimal. Volunteer costs include accommodations at local homestays, basic guesthouses, or tents. Vegans may delight in the Nicaragua opportunity to spend time on a farm project harvesting coffee or bananas. This farm uses permaculture design to sustain the ecological systems.

The first workshop on Sunday was by Melissa Hogan, on the topic of making wordpress sites run smoothly. Another super-informative and valuable lesson for me and for all of the travel writers in attendance.

During break time, there were plenty of exhibitors to see. I stopped by Delsey. They manufacture some pretty cool luggage. Many pieces are vegan-friendly, non-leather materials!

A larger suitcase has a TSA lock built into the front.

A stylish red piece is incredibly lightweight with spinner wheels, yet packs many items into its deep interior. Both the exterior and interior are fabric materials.

The next talk I attended, presented by Jess Ainlay, was on the topic of online protection. Attendees were well-informed about copyrights, trademarks, and what to do in case of infringement issues.

Theresa Christine spoke on the topic of content that travel writers can create, during the times when they are not traveling. She shared some very useful tips to keep readers engaged and interested.

We were given an additional break, when we could meet with exhibitors or do some networking. I stopped by the WHOA travel travel. This vendor offers adventure travel. Whether your idea of travel is kayaking and ziplining or something a little less daring such as hiking, they’ve got it! Excitement, culture, and natural landscape beauty is what their trips have to offer! Their Costa Rica adventure offers an opportunity to experience some precious animals. Us vegans truly appreciate nature and wildlife, thus making this type of touring ideal for us!

The travel summit weekend was wrapping up, but not before the final keynote speaker took the stage. Kate McCulley who quit her job five years ago to become a full-time professional traveler and blogger, gave a presentation on gender inequality among travel writers. She left us with a hopeful message that women can continue to produce great writing content, band together for support, and eventually gain the recognition that we collectively and individually deserve. She went on to mention quite a few female travel writers who produce great reads, photography, and adventurous travel experiences. The future is bright!

The event ended with a contest giveaway of three Delsey pieces of luggage to the lucky winners.

As the three female attendees gathered together for a group photo, we all took stock in this inspirational weekend in which we had participated. I am truly appreciative of the amazing weekend that I experienced at the Women in Travel Summit! The incredible learning experiences, the wonderful networking with other travel-enthusiast women, the awesome travel products exhibited, the magnificent volunteer travel opportunities presented, and the delicious vegan food offered, I will remember positively for a long time to come!

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